You know what’s wild? I thought that everyone knew that elopements and intimate weddings were nothing is off limits type of ceremonies. Don’t ask me why I was working under this impression. When my wife and I tied the knot in January of 2013, we didn’t know anything about elopements or intimate weddings. We just knew we were ready to get married. We didn’t have the money for a massive ceremony, or the desire to plan it.

Instead of stressing about how to make it happen, we made a decision to start our marriage with our wants and needs at the center of it. Which is how I think everyone should do it. So, on a bright Friday afternoon, after we’d both finished with classes for the day, we booked an appointment with an officiant and hit the road. We ended up getting married in this little storage shed by a lady we had never met.

It wasn’t the most romantic beginning to our life together, but it’s what worked for us at the time. And after nine years of marriage, I think it’s safe to say neither of us regret it.

Elopement at Max Patch Mountain in North Carolina; Dress: Rue de Siene

All of that is to say: marriage isn’t about the optics.

Sure a wedding can be all about the glitz and glam, but a marriage is so much more. A marriage is about you and your partner and the life you want to build together. Which is why it’s so important that everything about the day you commit your lives to each other is about you and only you.

In case you couldn’t tell where this was going, that’s what an intimate wedding/elopement offers you. The chance to do it your way, with no worries or cares about what everyone else wants you to do.

And because my wife and I didn’t know jack shit about elopements and intimate weddings, I’m making it my personal mission to educate as many people as I can about the other – more authentic ways – to get married that don’t involve pulling your hair out over huge guest lists or in depth seating charts. Note: It doesn’t have to involve going to a little shed and saying “I do” like we did either! 

So, listed below you have a five posts that will guide you through planning your intimate wedding or elopement. I wrote these posts because I was want to get you thinking outside of the box. The same box the world told you is what makes a wedding, a wedding. because, gurrll, that is not the case. You get to write this story the way that you choose. Hopefully, these posts will help you figure out what is right for you. 

Everything you need to know, rolled into 5 post, right here.

  1. Places to have your intimate wedding or elopement
  2. Attire for your intimate wedding or elopement
  3. Decor & Details for your intimate wedding or elopement
  4. Including your friends and family in your elopement
  5. How to write heartfelt vows
Elopement at Max Patch Mountain in North Carolina; Dress: Rue de Siene

Planning your special day doesn’t have to be paralyzingly stressful. If you’re planning on having an intimate wedding or elopement, contact me! I’m more than happy to help you with making sure everything is perfect and assist in the planning. It’s literally part of my job (also great I have a background in theatre, design, and planning).

If you are wanting an intimate wedding that features your closest friends and family we can find the perfect wedding planner to make your dream come together. 

You are the superhero of this story, I’m just the sidekick helping your wildest dreams come true. 

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