If you made your way here from – 5 Things To Focus On When Planning Your Intimate Wedding or Elopement – then you know all about how I’m on a personal mission to give people the intimate wedding or elopement that feels real and honest to them. Yes, unlike what my wife and I had back in January 2013 when we got married in a little shack in our school clothes. And since I just mentioned our clothes on that day, I think the perfect place to start is wedding attire.

When people decide to have an elopement or intimate wedding, they tend to think that they can’t have the amazing fashion moment they would have gotten with a traditional wedding. Well, that’s a whole lie.

Even if you elope or have a small wedding with just a few people you love, you should still have an incredible fashion moment. What you wear on your big day matters, and it will be one of the things you remember for years to come. For my wife and I, we got married in front of the officiant and that’s it, but I still remember exactly what we were wearing.

Wedding attire matters just as much as where you’re getting married. You want to be feeling your absolute best, and the majority of the time your look contributes to that feeling. 

So, the question then becomes: where do I find that perfect wedding attire that makes me feel Because I understand the need for flexibility, here are some places that are online and have brick-and-mortar locations that you can find the perfect wedding fit. 

Throughout this series of blog posts, and in general, I can not stress enough that this is your day. You need to do what feels right for you! So, if you want a boho dress, do it. If you want to wear that corduroy blazer that you are in love with, who’s going to stop you?

People have this thought in the back of their mind that there is some sort of wedding patrol officer who is going to swoop in and tell them “ahht ahht, you’re doing that wrong”, when really, as long as you’re happy it doesn’t really matter. 

Together, we’ve talked about, places to have your ceremony and wedding attire. Need help thinking outside of the box with decor & details? Shoot, say less friend.

Photography: K. Seegars | Workshop Host: Mirage Creative Workshop | Planning + Design: Hosea House Collective | Lead Photographer: Rebecca Stone Photo | Florals + Installations: Cut at an Angle | Venue + Bar: Uptown Indigo | Cake: August June Desserts | Paper: Enlove Occasions | Wardrobe: Juniper James Bridal | Gown: Daughters of Simone | Suits: GFA Tux | Headpiece: Lia Terni | Beauty: Megan Oliveri Artistry | Rings: Antiquarian | Specialty Rentals: A Bushel and a Peck Vintage Rentals | China + Goblets: Vintage Chic Rentals & Designs | Flatware: Anthropologie

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