If you found your way here from the original post, 5 things to focus on when planning your wedding, let me just tell you welcome. Let me start this off by saying I am in no way, shape, or form a luxury wedding planner. Even though I am not a wedding planner, I do possess a certain level of gifts when it comes to decor and details. And, when you combine that with the gift of organization we approach a very distinct talent. I am completely upfront and honest about what I would or wouldn’t feel comfortable planning. And, that’s what my couples know prior to any planning that takes place.  

Now, with that being said, my theatre side is definitely about to show here. I do love sketching a vision, creating a mood-board, and bringing it all to life. There is something incredibly satisfying about watching your vision come alive.

As silly as it sounds, with your decor and details you have to gather inspiration and have fun. I know, I know. To help out, cue the magic finger wiggles, I do believe that a list has never hurt anyone. 

Now we get into the fun stuff.

Land on the vibe of your day – the vibe determines the decor

The vibe affects everything concerning how you will use decorations and what details you should include. The vibe will help determine if the colors are the right fit for the details, if you need live or dried florals, everything. 

Gather a bit of decor and detail inspiration.

Think of this as the magazine clippings of all of your favorite things.

My favorite place to do this is on Pinterest. No surprise at all right? If you need help with the inspiration element check out some of the boards that I have curated.

Pull from that inspiration – let it inspire you, don’t copy it.

Figure out what you like and don’t like about the photos that you found. After you do that, begin to segment that into groups based on what you like. Is it the florals and the way that they are placed at the alter that really catches your eye? Could it be how clean and neat everything is? Figure out what parts and pieces really speak to you. You are only pulling inspiration here, no commitment. For this to be real and honest to who you two are, we can’t just copy everything that we see.

Create a mood board to organize the decor and detail inspiration

I use these all the time to keep my vision in check. Keeping my vision in check and making sure I’m keeping with the vibe. I refer back to the mood board constantly. When I run into something that I am in love with, it has to fit the vibe. If it doesn’t fit the vibe, I have to have a little conversation with myself. 

Start contacting Vendors!

We just reached a critical point. You just found your dream cake, and it is a work of art. Find bakers in the area and contact them with your vision. See if they can give you a similar look to your inspiration. You should do this for bakers, florists, the whole nine. 

The big thing to take away from this is that no idea is too big or small. If it means a lot to you it should be brought to life. Plan it out, and make sure you include it. Every bit of what you’re dreaming up matters! From the color of your announcements to the type of cake you want. Every little thing enhances the feeling of connection on your day. 

I know a lot of people struggle with how to include all of your family and friends in your day. So, that’s what this next post is all about!

Photographer – K.Seegars | Coordinator – Moonstone Photo Co. | China & Glassware – The Prissy Plate Company | Balloon Installation – Peaches & Pine Balloon Co. | Jewelry – Ana Luna Clay Co. | Dress – Bridals by Madison | Venue – White Fox Cottage | Florals – Flourish Floral Design | HMUA – Mae Rooks Beauty

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