I know intimate weddings and elopements have gotten a bad wrap in previous years. Before COVID, and the surge of micro-weddings, intimate weddings, and elopements people kind of thought of these celebrations as exclusive to the couple, maybe including parents and siblings, but they got a wrap for being selfish. People felt like you had to exclude your family and friends.  

Well, Friend, there are so many things outside of that space, having just your parents and siblings, that exist when talking about including family and friends in your day. Let’s keep in mind that these are all ideas that don’t involve inviting some of your closest friends and family to the big day.

I have a family of like 100+ cousins, I understand that everyone can’t be a part of your day when you are opting for things to be intimate.  

They may not be invited but they can still be included in a way that has a high impact and is very much meaningful to you as a couple. 

Have them write letters to you two

You can read these letters the day before your ceremony, or the morning of. This is a great way to have people feel included while also coming away from it with a nice keepsake. Think of how you’re going to feel in five years when you open that box of letters and reread them. I can see the boxes of tissues and all the happy tears now. 

Have everyone record a video and send it to you

Following that one is a very 21st-century idea. Have everyone record a short video and send it to an email address that you set up for your wedding. (If you go this route you definitely want to make sure that you back those videos up someplace special so that you always have access to them – an external drive and a cloud backup never hurt anyone). 

  • You can ask them to say their name, relation to you or your significant other, give one of their favorite memories with you, and share a bit of advice for you two as newlyweds. 

Let them help plan the intimate wedding or elopement

 What better way to feel included than to actually help you plan it all out and know exactly what’s happening and when it’s happening. 

Record, or livestream, the ceremony

You can do this via Zoom, Facebook, Youtube, pretty much anywhere someone can watch a video. 

Host a reception at a later time that allows everyone to celebrate and shower you with love.

This is one of those tried and true ways that everyone seems to love. 

There are countless other ways that you can include family and friends, this was just a few to get the ideas flowing. If you want to know all of the tips and tricks and get a little outline for writing your own heartfelt vows, go ahead and click here. Or check out the original post from this series, 5 Things to Focus on when Planning Your Wedding or Elopement.

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