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Every individual photograph is retouched and edited for you to have forever and do whatever you like with them. For some people that is sharing them on social media, printing hundreds of photographs from wherever and hanging them all over their home and the home's of their closest family members. Because you will have access to your photos in an online gallery you can simply share the link with any and everyone who will look at them.

These are your moments that will be looked at countless times so we have to make sure you have them readily available, which is why every intimate wedding couple receives a flash drive with their day saved and an assortment of prints as a thank you gift.

01./ Couples & Engagement Sessions: Focusing on the every day, in-between moments that make your love story special. Starting at $250

02/. Intimate Weddings & Elopements: Capturing a day that's truly all about you two. Starting at $1000 for The Carolinas (South Carolina & North Carolina) & $1500 for other destinations.

*Special projects and prices are available upon request.

photography services:

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I can't say enough good things about KD!

notes from lovers past:

After working with KD, I can tell you that he doesn’t just capture beautiful photos – he captures the candid beauty of your life, your personality, and your story. His photography style captures small, intimate moments in time and freezes them for you to keep forever. There are no words for how incredible and touching these photographs are! 




Because your love story deserves to be told in a way that is real and honest to you.


Before I am able to properly serve you in a way that is real and authentic to you, I have to take a few moments and listen to what you want and learn what is most important to you. So, for any session or event this is the first step. Hearing you on what you care about, what matters and what you would like for the end result to be. When I have a firm handle on that then we move into the next part.


After listening and learning what you need and how I can best serve you this is when we move over into the planning portion. This is the portion of the process when we talk, craft timelines, and layout everything we need to make sure your session or event is a huge success. I'm a type A personality, so we we will be doing a lot of conversing and planning, crafting an actionable plan so that you feel your best and we get the best result. 


Now this is part of the process that people are most familiar with: shooting. But, my approach is just a little different from most. If it's a couples session, there is music, jokes, laughing, and an all around good vibe in the air to make sure you are feeling like you. Because my approach is a candid one, I tend to shy away from the stiff awkward poses (unless we are talking the one to three that we will get for your family to hang somewhere in their home). My style is one that is all about directing, so yes, I'm going to tell you what to do with those hands that you feel are so awkward. If it's your wedding day, I take the more incognito approach, allowing your story to be told in a real and honest way. That's not to say that if your tie is crooked or your dress is bunched oddly, I won't hop in there and fix it because I definitely will. 


Once the magic is done, and the editing process is over. The first bit of sharing you will see comes in the form of sneak peeks, or as I call them, Sneaky Peek. Typically within 48 hours you can expect a couple of photos sent over to you. After those are delivered, I go to work to editing the rest. I am a Enneagram 3 with a type A personality, so my turn around time is nothing like other photographers. They tell you eight to ten weeks, I say hold my coffee, let's make it three to five. About a week and a half after your sneaky peek, you get another dose of sneaks in the form of a blog post. Once your photos are done, I will upload them into a dope ass gallery and send you the link for viewing, sharing and downloading. There are a lot of little steps that I have along the way that just adds to the experience that my couples have but this is the overall arch.